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GRERAT LOST Interviews:

MIB REDEMPTION and The REASON WHY MIB wants off the island

MIB Titus Welliver Kevin Polak Show -Awesome

MIB Titus Welliver and JACOB

'Darlton' great comments

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RECON THEORY - is JACOB's body on the sub?

What's Locked on the sub?

I think that we are seeing the biggest con of all besides mirroring Sawyers 'Re-con' to take the sub by conning both Flocke and Widmore. JACOB's recon to Man in Black finding the loophole the first con. The Ideas that good and evil play a part in side each person or influence each person whereby good and evil can act independently from one another.

I believe that JACOBs dead body is locked in the sub. We get a direct reference that "there are two Lock(e)s'' on the door not only refers to the two John Lockes but also suggests that a there could be two of someone else. JACOB instructed Widmore to bring back his dead body back to the island.

This could have happened in two different ways:


Perhaps JACOB from the past (in TImeline A) traveled to the real world and was killed by Widmore (as instructed by JACOB himself) and brought back to be reunited with his essence /soul / spirit. in future timeline A.

2--(this one is way out there)

JACOB (JACOBS body) from the B timeline is off the island and travelled back , via Christians coffin , and snatched from the plane by his spirit once close enough to the island. WE see from his body's POV return to the foot of the statue to where he was killed. Because his sprirt or existance is omnipresent it may be able to be resurrected or reunited with his physical being between universes or to any universe that his spirit exists without matter.

It's all part of Jacobs 're-con to the Man in Black.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Split Single-Mirrored Universe Theory

Lost At The Temple: Babblings of a mad LOST fan
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'Split Single-Mirrored Universe Theory'
LOST Time line theory presented by James721.

Here's the whole kit and caboodle! Well at least part of it...
This theory -- 'split single-mirrored universe' -- is based on what we see in the show. It is supported by religious theory beliefs and scientific theories of space time applied to quantum physics. The idea of a multi-dimensional universe is explained mathematically as a 'split single-mirrored universe', which is self balancing. Quantum physics theories theoretically or mathematically work as a balanced equation not only in a Euclidean model (linear time in a 3 dimensional space as we know it on earth) but also a 4 dimensional model or multi-dimensional universe.

Multiple Paradoxes in relation to converge a 'split single-mirrored universe'.
In order for the 'split single-mirrored universe' to converge to a 'united single-synced universe' Paradox 1 (Juliet blowing up the bomb) must be undone or negated in some way. I think this can be achieved by introducing a second Paradox (Paradox 2) . Time travel in real time (or quite possibly in the other 'imaginary' timeline ) must happen to create the possibility of Paradox 2 in such a way that it encompasses Paradox 1, or 'happens before' Paradox one.

I am planning to touch upon the following items with future posts (as time alows) which support my 'split single-mirrored universe' theory.

SCIENCE: Balance between the mirrored single universe. Examples Jack's scar / Relationships creating similar causalities / -

: Lighthouse explained: bending space-time through the scaled time-shift of the islands sphere or 'snow-globe' matching and canceling out tachyon energies to reveal specific places in time.

RELIGIOUS: The role of choice. The importance of faith as it relates to creating events which honour a future timeline.

: Adam and Eve are possibly Jacob and MIB. We see them dead from a future paradox that resulted in the death of their earthly bodies.

: The soul & spirit united with science defining the idea of separate consciousness & nature of its behavior in relation to a 'whole' universe.

: Candidate vs Claiming

SPIRITUAL & SCIENCE: inextricable connection to the same matter (people) in a 'split single-mirrored universe' to maintain a balance in causality. ie. Jack has always had an interaction with Dogen in some form or another.

: imaginary vs alternate or other universe.

: Sharing a common spirit. We see this as Juliet travels to the mirrored universe and 'reports back' a message to Miles that "it worked"

: Daniel Faraday as he supports this theory

(I'm losing it!)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lost At The Temple:

Lost At The Temple: Diary of a mad LOST fan
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Alternate Timeline Theory of LOST. Posted by James721

The alternate timeline honors the paradox that created it.
In it's split to 2 different realities, the alternate universe is pre-existing
[1]. However it is the soul [2] and its spirit [3] that 'combines' the two realities by a common thread; the birth of a shared soul.

The soul originates at birth where as the spirit pre-exists but linked to specific souls (perhaps this has something to do with the names ans attached numbers on cave walls). The soul is however separate from matter and does not adhere to the nature of time. Its energy resides however in matter whereby this matter is bound to the earth (MIB and JACOB). The spirit is the original character and force that both animates the soul(s) and gives behavior to it's nature.

Here in Lost, the Island is the Spirit for both MIB and Jacob held in some sort of balance. When the MIB soul(s) leaves the island it sets off the balance with its controlling spirits and causes the island to sink. I could see how MIB and Sawyer leave the island in current time (timeline A) by turning the wheel together and going to the alternate timeline 2004. This sends them AND everyone and the inland to the alternate timeline... or so it seems, as it actually brings the two timelines back together. Boom! -Sawyer is now on the plane as himself in the alternate timeline with no memmories as are all the other Losties (and people on the island) and puts them wherever they would be in that alternate reality / timeline, which NOW we would view as timeline A.

Voila Smokey(MIB) has succeeded and is now free and Jacob is trapped as a soul outside the realms of the spirit if the island which is now underwater. He somehow uses the spirit of the island as the Losties fly over the island in the alternate timeline. We see this, from the point of view of the camera (S6E1), leaving the plane and traveling through the clouds and plunging into the water then swimming to the foot on the sunken island. I believe that this is the soul of Jacob, now separated from Sawyer, as Sawyer previously assumed candidacy of jacobs soul before fleeing the island with MIB. Jacobs soul it reunites with the spirit of the sunken island.

('m losing it!)
my own references:

[1] my pre existing alternate universe the pre existing alternate universe model in my idea follows either of 2 possible formats:
{A} many branches timelines model ": Like a tree time begins with one stem then splits to many, then splitting again in time growing to an infinite number of branches with some dying off while others grow and 'branch out' In this instace the possible chices of life can pre exist in each of heir own respective timelines as the branches grow.but only from the poinsts in time (or points along a branch where it spleites ) that present choices or options.

{B} my
"Ray of light timeline theory". Time begins from a single point like infinite rays of light in all directions and travels outward during time. As time moves. each ray of light is a timeline, with a complete pre-existing futute and past. Where you are on the light ray is the present. A ray of light holds you suspended on its path UNTIL you decide to select a new path or ray of light to travel on. In this theory all the choices and paths infinitly exist.

[2] crazy LOST Soul theory:
The soul is separate from matter. It is reliant on matter to exist in time. It's energy resides in matter. The soul maintains memories that can be transferred via amplified vibrational energy.

[3] crazy LOST Spirit theory:
The Spirit is the source that drives the soul and does not rely on matter to exist. The spirit sparks the soul at its beginning. The spirit is able to exist in both timelines and in multiple relaities simultaneosly. The spirit communicates to the soul in all realities and can plant a memory from an alternate time and space experience from past or future, by communicating vibrational energies from complex patterns used in driving the soul.

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Season 6 Ep3-4 LOST PODCASTS Sank The Island

Shout Out
I'd like to put a shout-out to all the Lost Podcasters and lost community folk.
Thanks for producing informative LOST podcasts of Theory, drama commentary and debates. Its been fun. All the podcasts have been great over the hiatus. But now Quite frankly Its impossible to keep up with all the podcasts -- theres enough to sink an island! I suggest to everyone to rotate through all of the various podcasts each week to gain great insight into LOST. The show is like an onion with multiple layers of meaning and symbolism using creative story telling devices.

Simply go to Ms Wendy's 'Blogroll' list for I believe a complete listing of all the lost blogs / podcasts etc.
For feeds and downloads go to The LOST Podcasting Network (LPN) at or hit iTunes for the rest of the podcast not on the LPN.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

LA X : Lost Season 6 Ep1

Bits and pieces.
Christian snatched from the plane in the Alternate Reality?
Simply by looking at what the show is displaying I found the 'underwater island sequence quite fascinating. Jack seems to have déja vu when looking out the window over the ocean (the submerged island). The way the cinematography plays is that it appears that the focus is of flying OUT of the plane and diving down towards the water. We then plunge into the water then seem to travel quite a distance slowing and speeding to finally get to the island(which originally was 1000 miles of course). We then get to the foot swing around and to the front 'entrance' of the foot. Is this christians body leaving the plane and going to the island? On on the submerged island are Jacob and Man in Black alive (or doement) and able to travel to another time on the island?

Other things to think about...
Is john Locke Special simply because he has been convinced to think so?
Whether or not Richard felt that Locke was ready as a child when tested with the objects: book, compass, knife etc. doesn't negate the fact that HE drew a picture of the smoke monster as a kid!

Jacob Burns and Dissappears.
I feel that one must be invited to see jacob because like the Man in Black he proboably assumes a human form. He may not always exist in this for, but rather take on his 'deity' or regular spiritual/energy form.

Stolen Resurection
I think the original Locke WAS GOING TO BE RESURECTED and but Man in Black stole his resurection and assumed his spirirt ... this may be the 'Loophole'